About Nicola Powys

Thanks for visiting my Portfolio.

  • I have taken the plunge and left full time teaching to make my own work. To make this happen, I have moved to the South of France where I will be creating and facilitating art and writing workshops as well as developing my own practice. Check out www.PowysPlays.com for details - from Sept. 2015.
  •  I am always inspired - sometimes by my students, sometimes by interactions with different people and experiences. My work has developed from illustrative, figurative drawing, through to bold colour, abstract statements using mixed media on a 2 dimensional support. I should be a sculptor - but am determined to wrestle with the problem of trying to express issues important to me through paint - and especially colour.
  • I exhibit fairly regularly in France and Italy and in Open Studios in Cambridge on alternate years.
  • I am founder of Open Studios in Antibes - Premiers Vendredis. 2018
  • powysplays AT fastmail.com